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Q: How long does it take to have a custom Windfeather® made?

A: Production time varies depending on the time of year and the size or complexity of your project. Our current production time is 2-4 weeks after a design is approved. But be sure to let us know if you have a specific deadline that we need to meet for you and we will see what we can do.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Checks are always welcome, and we can work with you if your company requires use of a purchase order.


Q: How long will my Windfeather® last?

A: Probably the most frequently asked question. Very difficult to say, but if you are only flying your Windfeather on weekends at games, and maybe during fundraisers, etc., you will get many, many years of life from your feather. While it is impossible to determine how long your Windfeather will last, we have found that overall, if flown 24/7, you can expect 4-6 months before any fading will start to become visible. The amount of wind and sun are the variable in the equation. However, many things can be done to extend the life of your Windfeather a great deal further. Please refer to our CARE page for suggestions on extending the life of your Windfeather.


Q: How long does it take to install a Windfeather®?

A: This is a very frequent question for us. The term install is very out of place for a Windfeather. One person can set-up one Windfeather in under two minutes. The only tool required is a hammer to drive your groundstake into the ground.


Q: How do I attach my Windfeather® to an artificial turf?

A: Our favorite stand for solid surfaces is a patio umbrella stand. They are readily available in a variety of popular stores in a nice looking cast iron. If the wind is a little stiff, it will require a little extra weight on the windward side. We usually drop the drinks cooler on that side to hold it down.


Q: Do the poles eventually "bow" over or will they maintain their straightness?

A: The pole is a fiberglass that is very flexible and allows the Windfeather to dance in the wind. It will remain straight and not pick up a bow over time.


Q: Is the Windfeather® machine washable?

A: Yes, on gentle cycle and air dry, although this is very rarely necessary. Spot cleaning with a mild cleaner is much more common.


Q: Isn't shipping a problem for such a large product?

A: Windfeathers® are totally portable. They break down for easy transport and shipping to under 4' tall and weigh only 6 pounds.


Q: Are there discounts for quantity orders?

A: Of course. Just let us know how many.


Q: Can I use my company logo on a Windfeather®?

A: Yes. Custom designs are no problem for our design team. Even if your logo does not match the format of our Windfeathers® we are often able to use elements of your logo to achieve name recognition in a dynamic and exciting way. Just send us your logo and let us work up some ideas for you to review.


Q: What if I want to use different colors for my Windfeather®?

A: Any of our standard designs can be done in different colors for no additional charge. Windfeathers® are cut from pre-colored fabrics. No screen charges, no set-up charges, and no charges for additional colors.


Where are you located?

A: Follow this link MAP to download directions to us.


Q: What is Dye Sublimation?

A: Dye Sublimation is one of several current methods for imprinting digital images. In dye sublimation the ink (color) is a dry solid suspended in water that is applied to a polyester surface treated with a water trapping coating. After printing, the image is run through a heat press where several things happen:
a. The pores in the polyester fabric open.
b. The dry ink turns from a solid to a gas (sublimation).
c. The gas is absorbed by the polyester and becomes a permanent part of the fiber. It is important to point out that the color is “in the fabric not on it,” as opposed to other methods such as screen printing.


Q: How long will digitally printed Windfeathers® last?

A: Digitally printed feathers are very similar to the appliqué sewn feathers. Both styles are made from 250 Denier white polyester that is naturally UV resistant.


Q: Will digitally printed Windfeathers® fade?

A: All of our pre-colored fabric is 200 Denier Dupont 6.6 Solarmax flag nylon. This is the best UV protection currently on the market. It has been our experience to date that the digital prints fade at a rate comparable to the pre-dyed nylons.


Q: How will my digitally printed Windfeather® hold up in weather?

A: High winds are the only danger presented by weather. The only real issue would be storing your Windfeather® wet as this can lead to color bleeding in the nylon and mold. Note the dye sublimation colors will not bleed or transfer after being heat set. There is the possibility that some dry ink may transfer but this can be washed off or will self clean in the rain.


Q: Is the image the same on the backside?

A: Both processes create a 2 sided image that is known as single side reverse. This process results in the back side being a reverse image of the front side. Appliqué feathers will be the same color value on both sides while most digital feathers will have a noticeable front and back side. The amount of back side penetration is determined by several factors. We are currently able to achieve between 80 and 95% back side color penetration.


Q: Can you match colors?

A: This is one of the most important questions for our corporate customers. If the feather is appliqué, we are limited to the existing colors our suppliers carry. In comparison, Dye Sublimation gives us a much wider range of colors. The standard for Dye Sublimation is a 4 color process that uses cyan/magenta/yellow/black to create colors. We use a 6 color process that adds orange and blue to our ink set. These additional colors help punch up some of the colors such as blue and red.


Sending artwork, logos, etc.

If you have a logo or any artwork that you want included, please send them via email to designs@windfeathers.com. We work in the most recent versions of Corel and Adobe Creative Suite. We work in a vector format so obviously we would prefer artwork to be sent in as a vector file (cdr, ai, eps), but if these formats are not available to you then please try to send a 300dpi, or the highest quality file (pdf, tiff, jpeg, bmp, gif) that you can and we will determine the correct course of action from there. If you do not have your logo in one of the previously mentioned formats one of the best ways to obtain the artwork is to contact the person/company that made it for you. More times than not, they will have your logo in one, if not more, of the above formats.

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