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The Windstinger pole is the first pole engineered for commercial use and loaded with patent pending features developed over 15 years of research and development. This pole far exceeds any other ever introduced for banner display and comes as a complete display system including the mounting hardware anti-wrap features, greatly enhanced strength and handy cloth storage bag with shoulder strap for simple storage and easy set-up. No other banner display pole can match the strength and enhanced features available with the windstinger pole.

Extra Rigid Construction
Construction of the Windstinger pole begins with cross fiber fabrication use epoxy resin fiberglass. Epoxy resin is denser than standard fiberglass with smaller bubbles on the microscopic level. Our special thick walled design in epoxy resin adds up to ultimate strength for challenging locations like roof mounts and beaches or high wind areas. Even though the Windstinger is designed to have a much stiffer pole profile, our special design still provides enough flex to ensure lively banner movement to draw that much wanted attention. Unlike other poles designed for greater flexibility, the Windstinger is the best option for heavy top loads and wider banners. Anytime a roof mount or high wind with moderate to heavy wind resistance is in order, the Windstinger is your very best modular option.

Thick-walled Aluminum Pole Base Sleeve with ABS Base Insert
This special aluminum base sleeve is the ultimate in pole base protection and stability. No other point on the pole receives more stress or needs more protection. The patent pending base insert serves several functions. The exclusive half globe design provides minimal contact with the groundwasher interface creating less friction and easy spin anti-wrap action. The insert also centers the groundstake at the point where pole and stake see the greatest stress in high winds protecting both pole and stake from rubbing and wearing.

Stainless Steel Closed Loop Banner Clip
Our exclusive patent pending design allows for many styles of banner anchors and will not break off like other brass clips. This specially engineered clip even allows for theft preventative attachment.

Ultimate Stability and Split Protection
Sectional top rings are critical for split protection when pole sections are under severe stress. Our nickel-plated copper top ring is not only functional, it’s sharp looking and corrosion resistant. Poles without this critical element are just waiting to split and fail under stress. We invented this feature over 9 years ago and now we have modified it even further with the addition of a rolled lip that now makes the Windstinger poles impossible to assemble incorrectly or to jam sections like other poles.

Exclusive Modular Stacking Assembly
Our new patent pending stacking modular design utterly eliminates pole collapse. Assembly is still quick and very easy, and disassembly is a breeze.

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