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**Before choosing a location for your Windfeather® look around carefully for any objects close enough to come into contact with the sail or streamers. Be especially careful not to come into contact with power lines.**

Locate the white fiberglass ground stake and galvanized ground washer. Insert the pointed end of stake through the rubber center of the washer sliding the washer about half way onto the stake. Exact placement does not matter, as the washer is self adjusting.


Use a hammer to drive the ground stake into the ground until firm. The depth required will vary depending on the type of soil, and is usually between 6 and 12 inches. Some locations with especially compacted soils may prove difficult to drive the stake into. If this is the case in your area, we recommend using a long screwdriver or similar object to create a pilot hole before driving in the ground stake. Do not replace ground stake with anything that might cause damage to your pole. Use of rigid metal stakes, especially rebar can easily destroy the bottom section of your pole.

Remove the pole from the carry bag and pull the black rubber plug from the top end. Tilt the pole over until the top section with the bead slides out. Pull this section out until the next section emerges and then, holding both sections pull and twist against each other until firm. Do not over tighten. Continue this until the pole is fully extended. Now unscrew the cap from the bottom of the pole. At this point we recommend that you store the top rubber plug and bottom metal cap in the cloth storage bag.

Unroll your Windfeathers® sail and locate the open end at the bottom of the pocket. Run the pole into the pocket all the way making sure that the bead on top of the pole is all the way up to the end of the pocket. At the bottom of the pocket, pull down on the attached loop of bungee cord and slip it onto the clip on the base of the pole. If the bungee does not match up with the metal clip check to make sure that either the top of the pole is not hung in the feather pocket , or that the pole sections are fully extended.

Unroll the streamers and using the clip, attach them to the top of the sail. Do not use your streamers if they will be able to rub against any object that could cause fraying, especially power lines.

Finally lift your fully assembled Windfeathers® and place it over the ground stake until the bottom of the pole is resting on the ground washer, and the ground washer is flush with the ground.

When taking your feather down simply reverse the above directions. Leave the streamers attached to the top and roll the sail from top to bottom trapping the streamers inside. Be sure to store the ground stake in the plastic sleeve before putting it in the bag with your sail. This will keep dirt from soiling the sail.





Never machine wash. To clean use a mild detergent and rinse with clear water. Hang to dry.

Never put your feather away wet. Some transfer of colors may occur if stored wet. If necessary you can put the sail in a clothes dryer on AIR DRY for just a few moments to dry.

Never fly your feather in extreme winds.

Your pole is designed to be lightweight and very flexible. This flexibility is what gives your Windfeather it’s distinctive look when flying. When assembling pole, always pull each extension out by hand and gently twist until tight. Be careful not to over tighten since they can be difficult to break down later. Never use pliers or other tools on the pole that could cause it to crack or split. Be especially careful not to step on the pole.

If you are unable to get a section to collapse try leaving it overnight in a cool location.

Our fabrics contain a UV inhibitor to resist fading. To extend this protection or to revive the colors of a slightly faded feather apply a thin coating of Armor-All®.

If your feather comes into contact with something that causes a puncture or tear, stop flying it immediately. Small punctures can be treated with a small amount of waterproof clear-drying glue available in most fabric stores. Larger tears can usually be repaired. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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