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You can choose from one of our standard Windfeathers® flags, or have a custom Windfeathers® designed for you. Custom designs are no problem for our design team, as we are able to use your logo or its elements to achieve name recognition in a vibrant and exciting way. We do not charge for our award winning designs, so send us your logo and let us send you ideas.

Windfeathers® are offered in two very different construction methods, appliqué and dye sublimation, both of which are the highest quality available in the industry in material and method. We are happy to work with you directly to determine which method is best suited for your particular design and budget.

The CNC Advantage
Windfeathers® made using the appiqué construction method begin on our custom designed CNC laser cutting machine. Each peice of your design is cut using computer controlled software insuring astounding accuracy. It's just another way Windfeathers™ brand products are superior than the competition.







Digitally printed Windfeathers® are made using a Dye Sublimation process. Dye sublimation is one of several current methods for imprinting digital images. After printing, the image is run through a heat press where the ink becomes a permanent part of the fabric fibers. It is important to point out that the color is "in the fabric, not on it" as opposed to other methods such as screen printing.

Color matching is one of the most obvious advantages over the applique version. Another advantage would be photographic detail. With the applique version, we are limited to the existing colors our carriers supply. With digital printing, we can match nearly any color.






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