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PENSACOLA, Fla. (September 1, 2009)

Get in the Wind, manufacturer of the original Windfeathers® banner, is proud to announce a new sales promotion titled “Driving America™.” Partnering with automotive  dealer supplier Gallagher Promotional Products, “Driving America™” is a unique, patriotic display consisting of 50 Windfeathers® that will be available to area automotive dealers to assist them in attracting attention and generating sales.

“Cash for Clunkers was a great, but short-lived boost for auto dealers,” stated Kurt Lisk, President of Get in the Wind, LLC. “Instead of relying on government intervention, we wanted to do something locally as a community, neighbor helping neighbor. We heard the news daily and wanted to help by doing what we do best: attracting attention with Windfeathers®. So, our team got to work, came up with the slogan ‘Driving America™” and began the design process.” We partnered with Gallagher, who already has business relationships with automobile dealerships throughout the  country to assist us in the development of the promotion.

“Automobile dealers are a valued business partner for us and for Get in the Wind,” says  Kevin Pace, Sales Manager with Gallagher Promotional Products. “Dealerships are a vital part of the community and we wanted to help them with something that would impact their business in a positive way.”

“Driving America™” is a simple concept: erect 50 red, white and blue 16.5-foot Windfeathers® banners on roadsides in front of automobile dealers to attract potential customers and encourage them to test drive vehicles. “This is our effort to help Main Street businesses make it in today’s economy,” continues Lisk. “We are locally owned and want to see our fellow business owners succeed. Our ‘Driving America™’ promotion is free to dealers for a one-week period.”


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